Queen Natural Farm

Natural Living and Natural Eating

          A Dream Comes True

Land ownership has always been a distant dream since I was a little girl living in the inner city of the District of Columbia.  I can remember losing myself in library books that displayed tall grass and a country Victorian style house with the white picket fence. I just knew in my 10-year-old mind that one day I would have land where I could walk for miles yet still be on my land. It is now time to realize that dream. Take a walk along our journey in becoming Queen Natural Farm! 

Finding Land

After years of purchasing, selling and renting my own properties, I decided it was time to realize my dream of owning land. Now residing in Florida for a few years, I had no clue what type of land to purchase. Once being a realtor in the District of Columbia and Maryland, I decided to seek a realtor in Florida. I just could not find anything that gave me the acreage that I sought. So, I went out on my own and  just drove around until I found my land.

Now What?

I had now acquired 5 acres of virgin (untouched) land and no clue what do with it. However, the Almighty put people in my life at the right time. I met a man (agriculturalist/farmer) during my son's school field trip. He spoke about agricultural zoning and tax benefits. I was so enlightened and had a new task to accomplish. My journey of becoming a farmer/landowner was starting to take shape. 

The Start of Queen Natural Farm

Purchasing dirt, paving the driveway, installing the culvert, planting the blueberries, building the dog area, chicken coop, raised garden beds, greenhouse for the herbs and so much more was paid from my own retirement salary. 

    Solar, Well, and Septic

No financial assistance until the installation of well, septic, machinery and solar panels. 

Financial Assistance

There are dollars available to assist the beginner farmer but locating it is no easy task. My story is still evolving.